10 April, 2009

Jan Op De Beeck

Here is the famous belgian caricature artist, Jan Op De Beeck.

Ok this is my first try...
I could not see the positive developments, so I tried a new one.

Second try... His nose annoyed me ...and the head became to small!
Besides... he kinda looks like Steven Spielberg here! hehe...
I had to try once more with a new one...

Third try.

Ok I accept this one, but I am not completely satisfied ...
I can see some detail and structure fails and this annoys me a bit...
En tegning af den kendte belgiske karikaturtegner; Jan Op de Beeck.
Jeg har min store inspiration fra denne herlige kunstner!

Samlet tid: Uhh... alt for lang tid... 5 - 6 timer tror jeg...
Størrelse: A3
Materialer: Stiftblyant (0,5) HB

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